Ellen O'Meara is a singer/songwriter from Austin, Texas. She grew up in a musical family, singing and playing at family gatherings, but only in the last couple of years has she emerged as a songwriter. "Several years ago, my brother introduced me to Townes Van Zandt. I fell in love with his songs and the way he tells stories. His music led me to Guy Clark, Emmylou Harris, Woody Guthrie and many others who have inspired me to write," reflects O'Meara. "I'm fascinated with the paradox that a person's life can be full of pain and sorrow, and all the while full of hope and light. I've seen this in myself and I write about it all the time."

Take Me to the Desert, Ellen's new release was produced, recorded and mixed by Darwin Smith. The recording features Ellen's elegant songwriting framed by a selection of the city's finest musicians. Her music is emotionally articulate and is complemented by the album's lush arrangements. Musicians featured on Take Me to the Desert include: Ellen O' Meara (guitar, keys, lead & background vocals, banjo, organ, electric piano, banjo, tambourine), Darwin Smith (moog snyth, wurlizter electric piano, background vocals, guitar, baritone guitar, dobro, organ, clave), Kullen Fuchs (melodica, vibraphone, trumpet, horns), Roy Coon (clarinet, bass clarinet, saxophone, flute), Dony Wynn (drums, percussion) Tony Rogers (cello), Nick Arbuckle (upright bass), Kim Deschamps (pedal steel) and Katy Gurley (background vocals.)

In addition to her solo work, Ellen is a part of the Austin based trio Five & Dime, which includes songwriters Darwin Smith and Jaimee Harris. The acoustic group celebrates Texas music along with their own original folk compositions.

Take Me to the Desert is available at Waterloo Records.

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Swapping songs with my brother, Kenneth

Magnolia Motor Lounge, 3005 Morton St, Fort Worth, Texas

I'll be joining my sweet brother, Kenneth O'Meara, in Fort Worth for some song swapping! I love playing with this guy. He was one of the very first people in my life to encourage me to write songs. He is a fantastic writer himself and an all-around great guy. My brother's buddy, Jacob Furr, will also be playing! Man o man, does he make some beautiful music. Check it out here... http://www.jacobfurrmusic.com

2nd Street Creative Assembly

Activation, 234 W. 2nd Street, Austin, Texas


Monkeynest Coffee

Monkeynest Coffee, 5353 Burnet Road, Austin, Texas